Structural stability of SiGe nanoparticles under 'in situ' electron beam irradiation in TEM

M I Ortiz, A Rodriguez, J Sangrador, C Kanyinda-Malu, T Rodriguez, C Ballesteros
2008 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
The structure of amorphous and crystalline SiGe nanoparticles, embedded in a dielectric medium, SiO 2 , and its stability under "in situ" electron beam irradiation is reported. High-resolution transmission electron microscopy and electron-diffraction pattern simulation by fast Fourier transform was used to analyze the crystal structure of the SiGe nanoparticles. Electron beam irradiation induces structural alternate order-disorder transitions in the nanoparticles for irradiation effects are
more » ... ly associated to the density of current. For irradiation with current densities < 7 A·cm -2 no effects are observed in the as-deposited amorphous samples, whereas in the crystallized samples, SiGe nanocrystals show higher stability and no effects are observed for irradiation densities of current < 50 A·cm -2 . Irradiation with densities of current greater than these thresholds cause consecutive amorphous-crystalline or crystalline-amorphous structure transitions respectively for both amorphous and crystallized nanoparticles. A hexagonal structure is proposed for those nanocrystals obtained after irradiation in the as deposited amorphous samples.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/126/1/012023 fatcat:ikz2nrqypfdr7a4tkii2eln6ky