Film structure and magnetic properties of Multilayered Co/Au films

Haruki Yamane, Yoshinori Maeno, Masanobu Kobayashi
1992 ITE Technical Report  
Multilayered CbyCPt CbZPtl and CZYAu films exhibitlaigeperpendicularmagneticanisotrqry. 71)qyhave attrncted atten tion as new materi'als for nexteenet:atibn highdensity magneto-optical recording media, and are being studied for applications in other areas besides. 71he coercivities of as spnttered multilayered Cbll't and CollPd fiZms are sniaU but increase to 2N3 kOe with the aoneafing at 300 ℃ in ain in this papet7, the structure andmagnetic pa}perties and etfects of the annealing ifi afr {m
more » ... e muld1ayered CbyLtlu spuimng fiIms bave been stadied. Zhe dual-souree ifinagnetion sputtering method was et?rpjqyed in fabticating the fihns, usingAi as the sputterr'ng gas, 7hethicknessesofCbiaJor-andAulayeroftheCby/Au tikns ware 8.4A and 18.2A. respectively, alld the total thiciniess was 3000A. 7he vniaxial magnetic anisompy canstant (:KP) and the coercin'ty (Hoj of the fiinis as sputtered was Z8X10f agtrii3 and5C Oe, rp"spcctivelyL 71ic valuEfioA afKu and Hb jnc eased with the annealing tempet:attue and Ku and Hb showed at 200 ℃ 2.6X106ergfemS and 150 Oe, respectively.
doi:10.11485/tvtr.16.44_13 fatcat:7gdt2ytstvaelpxats2y3eg4oe