Editorials and Medical Intelligence

1871 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
only to the physician, but also to those who are commencing the study of medicine. The author has a pleasant, genial style, a plain way of stating facts ami communicating information which is very agreeable. He evidently has read much, thought a great deal, and has also been an accurate observer of human nature. The book is rightly named Odd Hours, and although it is not quite equal to its prototype, Sparc Hours, by John Brown, still it is just such a book as one likes to read during leisure
more » ... d during leisure moments. It is difficult to say which of tho essays in this book is the best, as they are so very difièrent and so well adapted to the varied moods of a person's mind. The book is verv neatlv bound, and the paper and type are excellent.
doi:10.1056/nejm187110190851610 fatcat:qmg2pf6w25ejdn23jacdyxuvou