The Thermal and the Electrical Conductivity of a Copper Crystal at Various Temperatures

W. G. Kannuluik, T. H. Laby
1928 Proceedings of the Royal Society A  
The thermal conductivity of a number of regular and non-regular single metallic crystals has been studied by previous workers. There appear to be no marked differences between the conductivity of single and polycrystal specimens of the regular metals, except at low temperatures, but further confirmation of this statement by additional accurate investigations seems necessary, more particularly at low temp~ratures, where different observers do not agree . . The methods which have been used to
more » ... ve been used to determine the thermal conductivity of metals are briefly discussed; the thermal method appears to be the simplest, but the electrical or Kohlrausch's method is better adapted for very low temperatures, i.e., near 20° K. The authors have used the thermal method for determining the thermal conductivity of a copper crystal over a range of temperatures. The heat losses have been made small by using a high vacuum, and then at the room temperature eliminated by a method the theory of which is given below.
doi:10.1098/rspa.1928.0223 fatcat:jlshtinetfbznlum4qkddzgqdi