Morphological reasoning of paraaortal surgical access for an abdominal aortic neural plexus in pet dogs

Oleg Romanovich Skubko, Olga Nikolaevna Shushakova, F. Nezhmetdinova, R. Nizamov, A. Valiev, B. Ziganshin, A. Taylan
2020 BIO Web of Conferences  
Despite a great number of studied and development of new treatment of various diseases, there is a lack of effective surgical access pathways to an abdominal autonomic nerve in small predatory animals. The study is purposed to develop a morphologically reasonable, species-specific surgical access of paraaortic injection of local anesthetics into an area of localization of abdominal autonomic nerves in pet dogs. The subjects of the study were corpses of mature mesomorphic pet dogs fallen of
more » ... dogs fallen of non-communicable diseases. The complex of morphological methods used in this research is as follows: normal and subtle dissection on the academic Vorobyov's method, classic methods of production of light-optical histological medications, morphometry. With the aim of developing injection access to abdominal autonomic nerves, an injection of colored latex solution with its further dissection was used. In our investigations skeletonangiotopical relations, macro-microanatomical and histological constitution of abdominal nerves of aortal plexus were studied. Epineural structures was in pet dogs were characterized. The results of macromicroanatomical and histological studies allowed to develop a technique of paraaortal surgical access to an abdominal aortal nervous plexus in pet dogs. The proposed technique of paraaortal surgical access for a block of an abdominal aortal nervous plexus allows for full coverage an area where the sources of abdominal organs innervation are located.
doi:10.1051/bioconf/20202700135 fatcat:s2w6wzklona73lcuysfgj7upve