Rapidly annealed exchange-coupled Sm–Co∕Co multilayers

J. Zhou, R. Skomski, Y. Liu, Y. C. Sui, W. Liu, D. J. Sellmyer
2005 Journal of Applied Physics  
In exchange-coupled two-phase permanent magnets, the length scale of soft phase is limited to about twice of the domain-wall width of the hard phase. To optimize the energy product, it is important to realize this length experimentally. In this work, we investigate the Sm-Co/ Co hard/ soft multilayers with varying thickness of soft phase layers. On rapidly annealing, the multilayered hard-soft structure forms. Transmission electron microscopy micrography confirms that the multilayer structure
more » ... tilayer structure is retained after the annealing. Single-phase-like hysteresis loops are obtained for samples with Co layers up to 13 nm thick. This behavior indicates that the soft phase is well exchange coupled to the neighboring SmCo z hard phase. An optimal energy product of 16.6 MGOe has been obtained. Longer annealing time results in more diffusion at the interface and yields two-phase-like hysteresis behavior. Direct current demagnetization measurement shows exchange-spring behavior of the samples annealed for longer time. Micromagnetic simulations with varying interface exchange coupling have been performed to compare with the experimental results.
doi:10.1063/1.1850814 fatcat:hbdyeux4qje2rdkfka6vos5wwy