Investigation of Educational Methods Using E-Learning Teaching Materials to Improve Nurses' Skills in Promoting Team-based Diabetes Medical Care

Tomomi Horiguchi, Yuya Asada, Keiko Tasaki, Michiko Inagaki
2020 Journal of Japan Academy of Nursing Science  
Purpose: This study aimed to investigate the educational methods using E-learning teaching materials that were utilized to improve nurses' skills in promoting team-based diabetes medical care ("the teaching materials"). Method: The educational intervention using the teaching materials was a three-stage program that was provided up to four times a year via a website, targeting nurses involved in diabetes care. Its effectiveness was evaluated using the Self-evaluation Questionnaires for Nurses to
more » ... Promote Team-based Diabetes Medical Care, which comprises four viewpoints and 25 items. Results: A total of 164 (60.3%) nurses received the intervention once. Meanwhile, 108 (39.7%) nurses received such an intervention more than once. In particular, 54, 29, and 25 nurses received the intervention two, three, and four times, respectively. The learning effectiveness significantly increased in the second intervention compared with that before the initial intervention. Nurses who had no diabetes nursing qualifications and received the intervention two or three times had significantly high scores regarding Viewpoint 4: Expressing opinions to the team from a nurse's perspective. Conclusion: Providing this educational intervention twice using E-learning teaching materials is significantly effective in learning. Therefore, this method is useful for nursing education that promotes team-based diabetes medical care. 要 旨 目的: 「看護師が糖尿病チーム医療を促進するスキルを高める E-learning 教材」の教育方法を検討する ことである. 方法:本教材は,3 段階からなるプログラムを 1 回として,同じプログラムを 1 年間に最大 4 回まで WEB にて学習するよう設定され,糖尿病看護に携わっている看護師を対象として実施した.学習効果は 「看護師が糖尿病チーム医療を促進するための自己評価質問票(4 視点 25 項目) 」 (スキル)にて評価した.
doi:10.5630/jans.40.579 fatcat:5uqto3okhjg6vem5czepb2wchu