Teaching Health Sciences Librarianship with a very large team:

Dorgan, Marlene; Seale, Linda; Chambers, Thane; Chojecki, Dagmara; Campbell, Sandy; Tjosvold, Lisa; Chatterley, Trish; Dennett, Liz; Slater, Linda; Chan, Liza; Storie, Dale
Eleven practicing academic health librarians at the University of Alberta taught LIS 520: Introduction to Health Sciences Librarianship as a large team. This study evaluated the students' responses to being taught by a large team and the librarians' responses to teaching in a large team. Overall, both groups were positive about the experience. The librarians documented best practices for teaching with a large team.
doi:10.7939/r3vh5cn0r fatcat:q22vbatxmvallbg5qarx2mhbhe