Increase in energetic and exploitation stability of solar systems with array of flat collectors

Ilya Kurasov, Tatiana Shchukina, Mariya Zherlykina, Igor Potekhin, A. Mottaeva, A. Zheltenkov
2020 E3S Web of Conferences  
With the account of modern requirements of energy saving each year increase actuality of technologies of use solar energy to decrease energy consumption. Multifunctional utilization of solar radiation make able much more degree in autonomy the energy supply of buildings, that main condition in case of too far location of traditional resources and appear of faults during their supply. Because of it is considered possibility of receiving heat and electrical energy in one technical device, with
more » ... cal device, with high efficiency. It is offered structural solution of multifunctional flat solar collector, which rise efficiency of radiation utilization. It is analyzed degree. It is analyzed the degree of absorption of solar radiation by additional location the photo converters in the device. It is estimated the influence of occupied by semi-conductors square on total absorption coefficient. It is proved, that by occupied square with photo elements less than 20% square of collector, the decrease of heat process parameters will be in limits of 5%. However by this it will be act neither heat, not electrical energy, which could be forwarded to systems of building life-support systems. Beside of it, for increase efficiency of solar collector it is offered additional processing of absorber's surface, which is rise degree of radiation absorption. Technology of laser weld allows to create on surface ultra-thin cell ribbing, which in forthcoming could be consider as decrease reflection roughness. Execution by this way ribbing increase panel's square and its absorption ability. By this size of cells could be from 0,5 to 4 mm and choose in depend of area irradiance, where will be located solar unit.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/202016413008 fatcat:7f7ydzrdcfci3idp6zvv4dfnde