Levh-i Mahfuz ve Holografik Evren

Mehmet Emin ŞEKER
Improvements in modern physics has led to some physicians to realize the paralellism between the religious docements and new theories. Fathers of modern physics are the pioneers of this relation. According to them, physics and religion mean the same reality. In this work, we want to emphasize that the develeopments in modern science match well with Qur'an more that the other statements given in literature. Many examples can be given from Qur'an regarding to this subject. In the present study,
more » ... he present study, more specifically "Lawh Mahfuz" will be in question. The concept of Lawh Mahfuz (Preserved Tablet) in Qur'an coincide with the evidences in the twentyfirstcentury-physics almost one-to-one. New progresses indicate that the universe is a reflection of actual reality and support that our world is just an illusion.
doi:10.18317/kader.54301 fatcat:qap7jshesfaulglwh7sgkuh44m