The Relation between the Alga and Fungus of a Lichen

Robert Paulson, Somerville Hastings
1920 Journal of the Linnean Society of London Botany  
PLATLS 21 SC 22 ) [llead 6th Jmie, 1918.1 RECENT writer$ 011 the subject of the relation t1i:tt exists between the alga and fungus of a lichen have supported the view that Iiyphz, functioning as haustoria. peiietrnte the living algal cel Is, :ind gradually :tbsorb their contents until only empty colourles., ccll-walls, or walls enclosing : L network of hyplial threads, remain. Upon tliis conclusion is based, tu : L great extent, the tlieory of parasitism on the part of the funguz, tlic algd
more » ... nguz, tlic algd cell being regarded as a helot that gains little, or nuthing, by reiLsou ot' tlie close association of the two organisms.
doi:10.1111/j.1095-8339.1920.tb00711.x fatcat:jftpml4vgnaphpz3hprzwkrpfy