Corroded hydrothermal quartz in Ordovician altered volcanic ash beds of the Baltoscandian Region

T Kiipli, T Kallaste, A Kleesment, A T Nielsen
2009 Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences. Geology = Teaduste Akadeemia toimetised  
Partly dissolved prismatic quartz crystals have been found in an Upper Ordovician volcanic ash bed of the Vasagård section on Bornholm, Denmark. Similar crystals occur also in a volcanic ash in the Adze Formation of the Aizpute core, Latvia. Although biostratigraphic data are insufficient for the correlation of these findings, the abundant occurrence of this rare form of quartz at Vasagård indicates that it can be reliably used as a correlation criterion in future studies. Partly dissolved
more » ... rtly dissolved prismatic quartz crystals were most likely formed during hydrothermal processes in the volcanic source area.
doi:10.3176/earth.2009.4.05 fatcat:rhuh35dtkbganbxbel6vkwsjba