A set of novel modifications to improve algorithms from the A* family applied in mobile robotics

Tiago Pereira do Nascimento, Pedro Costa, Paulo G. Costa, António Paulo Moreira, André Gustavo Scolari Conceição
2012 Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society  
This paper presents a set of novel modifications that can be applied to any grid-based path planning algorithm from the A* family used in mobile robotics. Five modifications are presented regarding the way the robot sees an obstacle and its target to plan the robot's path. The modifications make it possible for the robot to get to the target faster than traditional algorithms, as well as to avoid obstacles that move as fast as (or even faster than) the robot. Some simulations were made using a
more » ... were made using a crowded and highly dynamic environment with twelve randomly moving obstacles. In these first simulations, a middle sized 5DPO robot was used. Also, real experiments were made with a small-sized version of a 5DPO robot to validate the algorithm's effectiveness. In all simulations and real robot experiments the objects are considered to be moving at a constant speed. Finally, we present an overall discussion and conclusion of this paper.
doi:10.1007/s13173-012-0091-5 fatcat:nf3kov73kvccdj475pcmhicrtq