1876 The Lancet  
310 standing. Here the abdominal distension was great, the sickness frequent, and the tenderness considerable. In addition to opium at intervals, ice-bags were now substituted for warm poultices, and the relief given by them was very decided. They were continued for many days at intervals, and under their use the sickness and the abdominal distension markedly subsided. The patient was ultimately relieved by operation; but there could be no doubt of the palliative efficacy of the cold. CASE
more » ... . D-, suffering also from obstruction of the bowels. The symptoms were pain, sickness, constipation, and paroxysmal torminous convolutions of the bowels. Ice was freely applied in the same manner as before, and the relief was marked and continuous. This patient eventually recovered from the obstruction, and the bowels acted again. These cases are, I think, sufficient to show that, in the local use of cold in abdominal inflammation we have a remedy of great value in certain cases; and that though, of course, it is not applicable to all, and probably requires to be used tentatively in the great majority, yet that it is, when properly applied, both safe and reliable, and by no means to be regarded as precarious or as requiring °° courage" for its application.
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(02)46410-0 fatcat:uectqdvq3rgwbosv2iqghpluoa