1895 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)  
ted by the body, as in yellow fever ; great congestion of capillaries; face and hands of a scarlet hue ; an eruption has appeared upon the forehead ; the surface of the face, trunk, and extremities is as highly injected and as red as in scarlet fever or measles, but the brilliant redness is more uniformly diffused over the surface than in either of these diseases. Urine abundant; light-yellow color; specific gravity 1020; contains asmall amount of albumen, with detached cells from the tubuli
more » ... from the tubuli uriniferi and yellow granular casts, together with vesical and vaginal epithelium. Upon standing, the urine let fall a moderate deposit of urates of ammonia and soda, mingled with the cells and casts. 3 p.m., pulse 108, respiration 36, temperature 106.3 degrees ; skin hot and dry ; face and surface generally of a deep scarlet hue ; pressure drives out the blood from the capillaries and leaves a white spot, into which the blood slowly returns. Tongue coated in center, with yellow fur and red at tip and edges; swollen, with margins indented by the teeth ; moist and soft. Nausea, depression, fear of death, and bad odor from the body unchanged. 9 o'clock p.m., pulse 112, temperature 106.2 degrees, respiration 38; moans and sighs with every breath; when spoken to answers rationally, but often slumbers, starts, and jumps in a delirious, nervous manner; odor from the body heavy and offensive.
doi:10.1001/jama.1895.02430030014001g fatcat:4fyzgurnrjexhgelgxf6hpwpbi