Periodontal Vaccines: A Sophisticated Treatment Design in the Future?

T Parthasaradhi, Preethe Paddmanabhan, V Ramya
2015 Biomedical & Pharmacology Journal  
Periodontal vaccine is a boon in periodontics. The demanding primary role of any periodontal vaccine would be to eradicate the global periodontal disease burden with the ultimate purpose of lowering periodontal disease associated morbidity in humans. In late eighteenth century, Edward Jenner developed and established the principle of vaccination using the cross protection conferred by cowpox virus, which is non pathogenic in humans. Vaccination accomplished can be active immunization, passive
more » ... nization, passive immunization or DNA vaccination, made from the antigenic epitopes in periodontopathic bacteria. The objective of periodontal vaccine is to identify the antigens involved in the destructive process of periodontitis against which antibodies would be evoked to exert protection. It also aims to induce mucosal antibody response with little or moderate doses of vaccine. Ongoing research & collaborative efforts can result in development of functional periodontal vaccine for human use in future.
doi:10.13005/bpj/704 fatcat:4sdfit7ourhy7ahdem3l2hxwwu