Inclusive Resonance Spectra, Constituent Quark Distributions and Dual Topological Pomeron

M. Uehara
1981 Progress of theoretical physics  
1697 Inclusive vector meson spectra from soft hadron-hadron collisions are given in the framework of the dual topological unitarization scheme, into which constituent quark (or valon) distributions inside initial hadrons are incorporated. Dual topological Pomeron corresponds to multiple production of clusters, each of which is assumed to be composed of a vector, tensor and pseudoscalar mesons. The pion and kaon spectra in the fragmentation region are saturated by the cluster model, but those in
more » ... model, but those in the central region indicate that we further need higher resonances decaying into more pions and kaons than vector and tensor mesons.
doi:10.1143/ptp.66.1697 fatcat:eqd3oz6o4ngibj4doqdywoils4