Theoretical and methodological principles of forming the strategy of enterprise development on the basis of energy efficiency and informatization

2020 Zenodo  
The subject of the study is a set of theoretical and methodological, empirical provisions for the formation of enterprise development strategy on the basis of energy efficiency and informatization. The purpose of the study is to develop on the basis of a systematic approach to the model of economic and analytical support for energy management at the enterprise, taking into account the strategic priorities of development. Research methods. In order to comply with the conceptual integrity of
more » ... l integrity of scientific development used a dialectical method of scientific knowledge, empirical–theoretical and formal–logical principles, as well as the provisions of a systematic approach that defines three levels of management in the enterprise structure (operational, tactical and strategic), energy saving system of the enterprise at these three levels of decision–making, the main tasks of energy efficiency measures are highlighted. Results of work. Based on the results of the study, a model of economic and analytical support for energy saving management at the enterprise was developed, taking into account strategic development priorities. An assessment of the integrated indicator of the effectiveness of economic and analytical support for energy management at 10 enterprises over the past 5 years, which provided an opportunity to identify the main shortcomings in the system of energy efficiency policy and provide some recommendations to avoid them. Field of application of results. It is expedient to implement the presented developments in the work of enterprises of the construction sector of the market taking into account their strategic priorities of development, namely at informatization of processes of introduction of measures of energy saving. Conclusions. The study substantiates the specialized–functional architecture of economic–analytical support of energy saving management processes at the enterprise taking into account strategic development prioriti [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4244316 fatcat:a5iuliatffaqjbcwvbfbkrhhkm