Comparative analysis of acetic and citric acid on internal milieu of broiler chickens

Marcela Capcarova, Anna Kalafova, Cyril Hrncar, Jan Kopecky, Jan Weis
2014 Potravinarstvo  
The aim of the present study was to analyse the effect of two organic acids (acetic and citric acid) inclusion on serum parameters and the level of antioxidant status of broiler chickens. Some organic acidifiers reduce the growth of many intestinal bacteria, reduce intestinal colonisation and reduce infectious processes, decrease inflammatory processes at the intestinal mucosa, increase villus height and function of secretion, digestion and absorption of nutrients. Broiler chickens hybrid Ross
more » ... ickens hybrid Ross 308 (n=180) were divided into 3 groups: one control (C) and two experimental groups (E1, E2). Experimental animals received acetic and citric acid per os in water in single dose 0.25% for 42 days. After 42 days of feeding blood samples were collected (n=10 in each group). Significant decrease of serum triglycerides in citric acid group when compared with the control group was recorded. Acetic acid administration resulted in increased sodium level. Significant increase of albumin content in both experimental groups and increase of bilirubin content in citric group was recorded. Acids administration had no significant effect on other serum and antioxidant parameters. Acetic and citric acid had no harmful influenced on internal milieu of broiler chickens. The research on the field of organic acid will be worthy of further investigation.
doi:10.5219/379 fatcat:gbn3jzpkyvbabkrlbaiig5ja6q