Register to Sotnias and Cossacks of the Kyiv Regiment

I. Sytyi
2020 Zenodo  
The purpose of this publication is to introduce into scientific circulation a new, little-known archival source on the history of the Kyiv Regiment of the 17th century, which significantly deepens our knowledge of its borders, Sotnias, Cossack officers, quantitative and qualitative composition of contemporary society within the Hetmanate. Methodologically, the work was based on the principles of science and objectivism. The methods were selected taking into account the set goal, mainly general
more » ... al, mainly general scientific in order to improve the analysis of the content of the archival source. The scientific novelty is that the register fills a gap in the early history of this regiment, which is extremely poorly researched due to lack of sources. Conclusions. The document was presented to the scientific community with the preservation of the language, spelling, punctuation and structure of the original. The list of hundreds mentioned in the register indicates that it refers to the history of the regiment before its division into right-bank and left-bank. The relevance of the publication of this source is well illustrated by the words of Yaroslav Dashkevych: «The history of this regiment has been poorly researched. Its territory has changed frequently, the chronology of many hundreds is unreliable. After the division of Ukraine between Russia and Poland (in Andrusiv, 1667) there were two Kyiv regiments – left-bank and right-bank (subordinated to Hetman Petro Doroshenko, 1667–1672; the composition of hundreds is unclear)».
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4018403 fatcat:fmuhrv5cpjfw3flrc4mfjw6sta