Analytic theory of stochastic oscillations in single-cell gene expression [article]

Chen Jia, Michael Q. Zhang, Hong Qian
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Single-cell stochastic gene expression, with gene state switching, transcription, translation, and negative feedback, can exhibit oscillatory kinetics that is statistically characterized in terms of a non-monotonic power spectrum. Using a solvable model, we illustrate the oscillation as a stochastic circulation along a hysteresis loop. A triphasic bifurcation upon the increasing strength of negative feedback is observed, which reveals how random bursts evolve into stochastic oscillations.
more » ... ational bursting is found to enhance the efficiency and the regime of stochastic oscillations. Time-lapse data of the p53 protein from MCF7 single cells validate our theory; the general conclusions are further supported by numerical computations for more realistic models. These results provide a resolution to R. Thomas' two conjectures for the single-cell stochastic gene expression kinetics.
arXiv:1909.09769v1 fatcat:z3k4f367ebfefmif4avcl4qotu