In Vivo Comparison of Heparin and Other Mucopolisacarids Antithrombotic effect

E. Szwarcer, R. Giuliani, E. Martínez Aquino
1979 VIIth International Congress on Thrombosis and Haemostasis   unpublished
20 dogs(between 15-20kgs weight) were protected against experimental vein thrombosis using either heparin or M945 (orally absorbable, MW10-20.000 mucopolisacarid. Syntex Arg). Vein thrombosis was induced using XIIa-XIa con centrates, and the minimal concentration to be infused to each animal, that would induce a 4/4 size thrombous was determined. Stasis was induced with atraumatic clamps, and yugular and femoral veins were used. Heparin and M945 were compared in their KCCT, TT effects, related
more » ... T effects, related to their AntiXa potentiating effect. Differing from heparin, infused M945 has nearly no actions on KCCT or TTThe experience showed that with nearly no actions on blood coagulation, AntiXa was enhanced as when using heparin, and dogs were protected aeainst experimental thrombosis.This results stress for the first time in in vivo studies the possibility of inhibiting deep vein thrombosis development without hemostatic changes
doi:10.1055/s-0039-1687295 fatcat:onrr2xc2czajphv5utjfj2kkeq