MOESM1 of The majority of A-to-I RNA editing is not required for mammalian homeostasis

Alistair Chalk, Scott Taylor, Jacki Heraud-Farlow, Carl Walkley
2019 Figshare  
Additional file 1: Figure S1 (related to Figure 3). Comparison of gene expression signatures by genotype; data from Panel 3A. Analysis of transcriptional signatures in the 12 week old male brain of each genotype. n=3 independent samples per genotype. The increased expression of the transcripts highlighted in blue is shared between murine and human ADAR1 mutants. (A) Y-axis has the gene expression comparison of the Adar2-/- vs the dHet; x-axis has the gene expression comparison of the
more » ... n of the Adar1E861A/E861A vs WT. Gene expression changes dependent on Adar1 loss occur on the x axis, those dependent on the loss of Adar2 on the y axis. (B) Adar2-/-compared to Adar1E861A/E861A Adar2-/- (dKO); (C) Adar1E861A/E861A compared to Adar1E861A/E861A Adar2-/- (dKO). Figure S2. Comparison of the gene expression signatures by genotypes; data derived from comparisons in Panel 2A. Figure S3 (related to Figure 4). Altered sites identified in analysis of Adar1E861A/E861A Adarb1-/- (dKO); related to Panel 4B. Analysis of sites identified as altered compared to ref seq or batch control in the dKO samples. Individual sites with IGV screenshots and the full list of sites with variants identified in analysis of the double KO samples.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.11345939 fatcat:i7d2yacl5ndmxgs7x4u77pnbdq