XCI.—Influence of substitution on specific rotation in the bornylamine series

Martin Onslow Forster
1899 Journal of the Chemical Society Transactions  
ALTHOUGH recent years have witnessed the rapid multiplication of optically active substances, much remains to be learned respecting the influence of substitution on specific rotation before the guiding principles of the subject can be properly established. The theory propounded in 1890 almost simultaneously by Guye and Crum Brown, attracted considerable attention at the time, and has exerted a marked influence on the character of subsequent investigations. Some among the latter have seemed to
more » ... er have seemed to afford confirmation of the theory, and more particularly of that deduction from i t which predicts the occurrence of ft point of maximum rotation in a homologous ). The general tendency of recent work, however, has been unfavourable t o the original conception. Numerous cases of disagreement between results predicted and those found by experiment have led inevitably t o a fuller recognition of influences exerted by the qualitative nature of sub-&tuent groups, influences foreshadowed by Crum Brown, and latterly
doi:10.1039/ct8997500934 fatcat:lktg3xhiqzh6djjvm2m6elmuri