A new caprellid genus and species (Crustacea: Amphipoda: Caprellidae) from Australia

José Manuel Guerra-García
2020 Nauplius  
A new genus and new species of caprellid, Parapseudaeginella n. gen., and Parapseudaeginella australiensis n. sp., is described from shallow water of Ningaloo Reef, south of Tantabiddy, reef front, Western Australia. The new genus is very similar to Pseudaeginella Mayer, 1890, but can be easily distinguished by the pereonites 6 and 7 being clearly fused (separated in Pseudaeginella) and by the absence of a pair of proximal grasping spines on the propodus of pereopods 5-7 (present in
more » ... sent in Pseudaeginella). The new species is characterised by acute dorsal projections on head, pereonite 1 and 2, and acute lateral projections near the coxa of gnathopod 2 in males. The new taxon has probably been overlooked in the past due to its tiny size. Further efforts to sample and describe the smaller caprellids is needed to fully understand the global diversity and relationships of caprellids.
doi:10.1590/2358-2936e2020029 fatcat:lmwrv5jaonf6liyu5qm4g6a3ru