Population-genetical characteristics of the bee population of Vojvodina

Ivan Pihler, Hrisula Kiprijanovska, Nada Plavsa, Milan Krajinovic, Aleksandar Uzunov, Per Kryger, Nebojsa Nedic
2014 Genetika  
that based on the color of the abdomen of bees, two varieties of bees are present in Vojvodina, one dark and the other with two yellow rings on abdomen. Up to the present time there are mixed opinions about the presence of one or more populations of bees in Vojvodina, especially about the presence of the yellow variety in Banat. The aim of this paper is to establish the existence of one or more populations of bees, using genetic analysis of bees. Evaluation of genetic connections, diversity
more » ... ions, diversity within the population and structure of the bee population in Vojvodina, were calculated on the basis of allele variation of 25 microsatellite loci. A genetic typification of the following microsatellites was performed: 92% or 23 loci proved to be polymorphic in samples of bees from Srem and Bačka, and 88% or 22 loci proved to be polymorphic in samples of bees from Banat. Heterozygosity calculated for the whole population is not significantly different from the expected heterozygosity. It was found that the obtained genetic differences between bees of Srem and Bačka, and Banat region are not sufficient for these two populations to be considered separate.
doi:10.2298/gensr1401219p fatcat:vhnmshm5wfhohglrmwfzfxlg3m