Influence of electron-phonon interaction on wannier–stark effect in macroporous silicon structures with SiO2 nanocoatings
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L.A. Karachevtseva, Yu.V. Goltviansky, O.Yu. Sapelnikova, O.O. Lytvynenko, O.I. Stronska
2015 Himia Fizika ta Tehnologia Poverhni  
We investigated the contribution of electron-phonon interaction to the broadening parameter of the Wannier-Stark ladders in oxidized macroporous silicon structures with different concentration of Si-O-Si states (TO and LO phonons). The obtained value of this parameter is much less than the Wannier-Stark ladder energy evaluated from giant oscillations of resonance electron scattering on the surface states of investigated structures. We determined the influence of broadening on the oscillation
more » ... the oscillation amplitude in IR absorption spectra as interaction of the surface multi-phonon polaritons with electrons and transformation of the resonance electron scattering in samples with low concentration of Si-O-Si states into ordinary scattering on ionized impurities for samples with high concentration of Si-O-Si states. The transformation takes place at the electron scattering lifetime coinciding with the period of electron oscillations in the presurface electric field.
doi:10.15407/hftp05.01.003 fatcat:qyr34czozff6npm7p636oxw33q