The level of Student Involvement in the History of Civilization Textbook For 10th Preparatory grade in Kurdistan region-Iraq "Analytical study in the light of involvement degree"

2019 Zanco Journal of Humanity Sciences  
The research's aim is to identify the level of students' involvement in the history textbook for 10 th Preparatory grade in the Kurdistan Region-Iraq for academic year (2018-2019) through the presentation of: educational content, Figures & diagrams, and educational activities. The researcher used descriptive-analytical method, and to achieve the aims the researcher utilized Romey's formula to calculate the variables of students' involvement coefficients. After analyzing the content of the
more » ... ok according to the areas of determining the involvement degree and monitoring their repetitions, the results showed revealed reduction of students' involvement in educational content and did not located within the acceptable range adopted by Romey's, it is values were (0.2), which means that it does not involve the student and is not allowed to analyze and think, the correlation coefficients were acceptable if they were between (0.4 -1.5). The results also showed revealed reduction involvement in figures & diagrams in it is value reached (0.17), as for the educational activities, Was very weak, so was his degree of involvement (0.04). In the light of the results of research, the researcher recommended the need for much attention to the student's involvement in history textbook in Kurdistan region in educational content, figures & diagrams, and educational activities, moreover, doing further typical analytical studies to be conducted on history textbooks in other classrooms in general in the light of involvement degree.
doi:10.21271/zjhs.23.s3.4 fatcat:6jc6r3qlsfffrjcb5iklr5ocmq