Feuermanagement mit Geographischen Informationssystemen

A. Bachmann, R. Schöning, B. Allgöwer
1997 Geographica Helvetica  
Wildfire management requires the analysis of a wide spec¬ trum of data, ranging from physical to socio-economic Par¬ ameters, of which the majority isspatiallydistributed. The use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) can help to man¬ age these heterogeneous data, as has been demonstrated with several projects carried out at the Spatial Data Handling Division of the Department of Geography, University of Zü¬ rich. A framework for an integrated wildfire risk assessment is outlined, which
more » ... ws the estimation of the expected fire damage both for individual objects as well as for all potential starting points. This framework also considers fire warning and fire fighting activities which influence the risk Situation.
doi:10.5194/gh-52-27-1997 fatcat:xyuwnlwhyfgs3pmk3oq2eoaov4