R. Pramono Soedomo
2015 KEK (Kajian Ekonomi dan Keuangan)  
The agricultural sector has an important role in the Indonesian economy, it is considering Indonesia as an agricultural country where most of the population work in agriculture. Therefore the necessary support from the government to develop the agricultural sector. This study aims to analyze the impact of government expenditure in the agricultural sector on the performance of the Indonesian economy. The methodology used is the 2005 Input-Output Model classification of nine sectors.Results
more » ... ctors.Results showed that the index of agricultural output multiplier greater than one indicating that the agricultural sector has a crucial role in the Indonesian economy. Furthermore, simulation results indicate that the impact of increasing government expenditure in the agricultural sector resulting in increased output, income and employment is a sector with the largest employment creation figures.Compared with other sectors, the agricultural sector contributes the largest output. Therefore we need the support and greater attention from the government to ensure the sustainability of the agricultural sector for sustainable economic development..
doi:10.31685/kek.v14i2.60 fatcat:tui5jp22pbaddk6luzmmfahn6y