Evaluating the Feasibility of Using Pellets to Assess Age, Relative Abundance and Habitat of Nilgiri Tahr ( ) in Mukurthi National Park, of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, India

Ravikanth Manchiryala, Ajay A. Desai, Sandeep Mushkam, Peter P. Predit
The Nilgiri tahr; is an endangered mountain ungulate of India, endemic to two states comes under Western Ghats. It is a social and shy animal found in mixed herds composed of adult and theirsub adultyoung ones. Due to its shy nature and rapid escape tendencies into sharp mountain cliffs the correct population estimation of it is always remain diff icult. Thus to make the age-sex estimation of Nilgiri tahr populations feasible, we have used as tools its various sizes of pellets collected from
more » ... s collected from habituated Tahr herd. In the present study, based on pellet sizes about 80% of population were segregated into different age-sex related classes. Result revealed higher overlap in pellet sizes among few age and sex related groups. On the basis of the results the feasibility of using pellet to assess age-sex structure and proper habitat preferred by Nilgiri tahr has been discussed. Nilgiritragus hylocrius
doi:10.21276/ambi.2015.02.2.ra01 fatcat:7rjrn66o55atlmb6cqbf4budti