Bidirectional Interleaved PWM Converter with High Voltage-Conversion Ratio and Automatic Current Balancing Capability for Single-Cell Battery Power System in Small Scientific Satellites

Masatoshi Uno, Masahiko Inoue, Yusuke Sato, Hikaru Nagata
2018 Energies  
Single-cell battery power systems are a promising bus architecture for small scientific satellites. However, to bridge the huge voltage gap between a single-cell battery and power bus, bidirectional converters with a high voltage conversion ratio and a large current capability for the low-voltage side are necessary. This article proposes a bidirectional interleaved pulse width modulation (PWM) converter with a high voltage conversion ratio and an automatic current balancing capability. By
more » ... apability. By adding capacitors to conventional interleaved PWM converters, not only are inductor currents automatically balanced without feedback control or current sensors, but also voltage conversion ratios at a given duty cycle can be enhanced. Furthermore, the added capacitors can reduce voltage stresses of switches and charged-discharged energies of inductors, realizing more efficient power conversion and reduced circuit volume in comparison with conventional converters. A 100-W prototype was built for experimental verification, and results demonstrated the fundamental characteristics and efficacy of the proposed converter.
doi:10.3390/en11102702 fatcat:mwswixmjajgcdbadsqliccacai