Cácio Luiz Boechat, Ayrton Senna da Silva Damasceno, Cíntia Bezerra Rocha, Adriana Miranda de Santana Arauco, Helane França Silva
2020 Cerne  
BOECHAT, C. L.; DAMASCENO, A. S. S.; ROCHA, C. B.; ARAUCO, A. M. S.; SILVA, H. F. Organic residues in the composition of substrates enriched with bokashi biofertilizer for the sustainable production of Copaifera langsdorffii seedlings. CERNE, v. 26, n. 1, p.18-25, 2020. HIGHLIGHTS Highest morphophysiological quality was observed with goat manure or carnauba residue. Bokashi improves the morphophysiological variables of seedlings, except chlorophyll. Goat manure with or without bokashi provides
more » ... t bokashi provides higher macronutrient content in the shoot. Phosphorus is made available according to the need of the plants with bokashi. ABSTRACT One of the great challenges in the post-nursery phase is to plant seedlings in the field. It is, therefore, important to produce them to a high standard of quality aiming to achieve an economically feasible and environmentally sustainable process. For this purpose, the use of organic residues in the composition of substrates, associated with biotechnologies available on the market, is a feasible alternative, which, however, requires further research for process optimization. Thus, the objective was to evaluate the morphophysiological characteristics, nutrition and quality of Copaifera langsdorffii seedlings in substrates formulated with organic residues and Fertbokashi premium®. The treatments were distributed in a randomized block design, with four repetitions, in a 5 x 2 factorial scheme, with four substrates (carnauba residue, goat manure, unprocessed and carbonized rice husks) and one control (soil) with or without applying bokashi. A part of the results, the highest values observed in the morphophysiological and nutritional variables, were for plants grown in the substrate with carnauba residue, followed by goat manure, both in association with bokashi. Among the residues studied, carnauba residue had the highest N and P contents and the lowest C:N ratio, raising the quality variables. The use of bokashi associated with the residues promotes the best results for most of the morphophysiological and nutritional parameters of the Copaiba seedlings. The substrates formulated with carnauba residue and goat manure are the most appropriate for seedling production. The regional residues can be used as a substrate to produce Copaiba seedlings to a high standard of quality. v.26 n.1 2020 19 CERNE BOECHAT et al.
doi:10.1590/01047760202026012694 fatcat:npbvkipcvbegtlxwdnpplfzvea