An Application of image processing techniques for Detection of Diseases on Brinjal Leaves using K-means clustering method

Rucha Dautpure, Minal Dhurad, Abha Nagpure, Swati Balwir
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
Farming is the pillar of the Indian economy. Very nearly 70% individuals rely upon it and offers real piece of the GDP. Sicknesses in crops generally on the leaves influences on the decrease of both quality and amount of agrarian items. Impression of human eye isn't so significantly more grounded in order to watch minute variety in the tainted piece of leaf. In this paper, we are giving programming answer for naturally identify and order plant leaf illnesses. In this we are utilizing picture
more » ... tilizing picture preparing strategies to arrange ailments and rapidly determination can be completed according to sickness. This approach will upgrade profitability of products. It incorporates a few stages viz. picture procurement, picture pre-preparing, division, highlights extraction and neural system based arrangement.