Numerical analysis based on finite element method of active vibration control of a sandwich plate using piezoelectric patches

Hanane Serhane, Kouider Bendine, Farouk Benallel Boukhoulda, Abdelkader Lousdad
2020 Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering  
AbstractAn active method of vibration control of a smart sandwich plate (SSP) using discrete piezoelectric patches is investigated. In order to actively control the SSP vibration, the plate is equipped with three piezoelectric patches that act as actuators. Based on the classical plate theory, a finite element model with the contributions of piezoelectric sensor and actuator patches on the mass and stiffness of the sandwich plate was developed to derive the state space equation. LQR control
more » ... rithm is used in order to actively control the SSP vibration. The accuracy of the present model is tested in transient and harmonic loads. The applied piezoelectric actuator provides a damping effect on the SSP vibration. The amplitudes of vibrations and the damping time were significantly reduced when the control is ON.
doi:10.2478/mme-2020-0005 fatcat:c7m2tyvtrzewvidaufh6rx2m7a