Three New African Species of Mordellid Beetles

Eugene Ray
1944 Psyche: A Journal of Entomology  
Museum (Natural History). The types of the new species hereinafter described are temporarily placed in the Chicago Natural History Museum, while paratypes remain in the collection of the writer. Tomoxia abrupta new species Form short, sides subparallel, derm generally black, with the following exceptions" anterior and intermediate legs and seven distal segments of antenme fuscocastaneous; four proximal segments of antenna, palpi, front, and mesal margin of mandibles castaneous. Body densely
more » ... red with fine recumbent pubescence, a solid golden on head and pronotum, black on scutellum, an irregular golden area covering basal third of elytra, enclosing an irregular black area on either side of scutellum near base, an irregular, transverse, golden band behind middle, reaching suture but not middle and connected with basal area by a short sutural line, with intervening and subsequent areas blackishpubescent; ventral surface blackish-pubescent, except for the following whitish areas" meso-and metasternum, 1st and 2nd abdominal segments (except at apical margin), and third segment along basal margin. ( ). Antenna 1.4 mm. long, reaching metasternum; segments 1 and 2 equal; 3 distinctly longer than 4, latter broadest at apex; 5 as long as 3, but broader; 6-10 strongly serrate, as broad as long; 11 one-half longer than 10, inner margin and apex rounded, broadest at middle. Terminal segment of maxillary palpi enlarged, with form of a scalene triangle, sides and angles all strongly rounded, mesal margin thickest, divided longitudinally,
doi:10.1155/1944/80820 fatcat:eav4ramdwba3dpbyvemw2wpsum