Boston Dispensary

W. H. BAKER, O. H. Marion
1876 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
to the sensibility of the ulcer, a solution of from two to six parts of the tartrate is to be made in one hundred of water, a few drops of ammonia being added to prevent precipitation. Pledgets of charpie are then soaked in it and applied to the ulcer night and morning, and covered with a thick layer of cerate. This by means of tepid water must be so removed as to leave none of the charpie adherent to the ulcer. After cicatrization has begun, the lotion needs only to be applied in the evening,
more » ... ed in the evening, simple cerate being substituted in the morning. An opiated cerate may be alternated with the simple if the application is painful at first.
doi:10.1056/nejm187605180942009 fatcat:r3bhhnx5jnearawhbnezjhkjqe