Free Vibration of a Taut Cable with Two Discrete Inertial Mass Dampers

Wang, Yue, Gao
2019 Applied Sciences  
Recently, inertial mass dampers (IMDs) have shown superior control performance over traditional viscous dampers (VDs) in vibration control of stay cables. However, a single IMD may be incapable of providing sufficient supplemental modal damping to a super-long cable, especially for the multimode cable vibration mitigation. Inspired by the potential advantages of attaching two discrete VDs at different locations of the cable, arranging two external discrete IMDs, either at the opposite ends or
more » ... opposite ends or the same end of the cable is proposed to further improve vibration mitigation performance of the cable in this study. Complex modal analysis based on the taut-string model was employed and extended to allow for the existence of two external discrete IMDs, resulting in a transcendental equation for complex wavenumbers. Both asymptotic and numerical solutions for the case of two opposite IMDs or the case of two IMDs at the same end of the cable were obtained. Subsequently, the applicability of asymptotic solutions was then evaluated. Finally, parametric studies were performed to investigate the effects of damper positions and damper properties on the control performance of a cable with two discrete IMDs. Results showed that two opposite IMDs can generally provide superior control performance to the cable over a single IMD or two IMDs at the same end. It was also observed that attaching two IMDs at the same end of the cable had the potential to achieve significant damping improvement when the inertial mass of the IMDs is appropriate, which seems to be more promising than two opposite IMDs for practical application.
doi:10.3390/app9183919 fatcat:wclguc5wgfdd3feqbjankqpzwa