How Does Talk Around Reading Influence Comprehension in Third Grade?

Karen Gruhn Tomczak
2014 Networks An Online Journal for Teacher Research  
This study attempts to document the efficacy of peer-support and self-monitoring during partnered reading by third grade students as evidenced by their discourse. Pairs of third grade students engaged in partnered reading in a general education third grade classroom. Their oral reading, coaching and conversations were recorded using i-Pod2s over the course of twenty days. The digital audio recordings were then analyzed to determine if the students employed reading strategies, what types of
more » ... what types of reading strategies they used, and how other discourse between the students influenced reading behaviors. Reading comprehension lies at the heart of all reading; it is in fact the "essence of reading" (Durkin, 1978-79).
doi:10.4148/2470-6353.1039 fatcat:wc634nx3lnaireilh43ooowq5e