Theory of g-Tg-Interior and g-Tg-Closure Operators: Definitions, Essential Properties, and Commutativity [post]

Mohammad Irshad KHODABOCUS, Noor-Ul-Hacq SOOKIA
2019 unpublished
In a generalized topological space Tg = (Ω, Tg), ordinary interior and ordinary closure operators intg, clg : P (Ω) −→ P (Ω), respectively, are defined in terms of ordinary sets. In order to let these operators be as general and unified a manner as possible, and so to prove as many generalized forms of some of the most important theorems in generalized topological spaces as possible, thereby attaining desirable and interesting results, the present au- thors have defined the notions
more » ... fined the notions of generalized interior and generalized closure operators g-Intg, g-Clg : P (Ω) −→ P (Ω), respectively, in terms of a new class of generalized sets which they studied earlier and studied their essen- tial properties and commutativity. The outstanding result to which the study has led to is: g-Intg : P (Ω) −→ P (Ω) is finer (or, larger, stronger) than intg : P (Ω) −→ P (Ω) and g-Clg : P (Ω) −→ P (Ω) is coarser (or, smal ler, weaker) than clg : P (Ω) −→ P (Ω). The elements supporting this fact are reported therein as a source of inspiration for more generalized operations.
doi:10.20944/preprints201912.0064.v1 fatcat:556t5bqsb5bndhob2wlsmsotsq