Improving the scalability of parallel N-body applications with an event driven constraint based execution model [article]

Chirag Dekate, Matthew Anderson, Maciej Brodowicz, Hartmut Kaiser, Bryce Adelstein-Lelbach, Thomas Sterling
2011 arXiv   pre-print
The scalability and efficiency of graph applications are significantly constrained by conventional systems and their supporting programming models. Technology trends like multicore, manycore, and heterogeneous system architectures are introducing further challenges and possibilities for emerging application domains such as graph applications. This paper explores the space of effective parallel execution of ephemeral graphs that are dynamically generated using the Barnes-Hut algorithm to
more » ... y dynamic workloads. The workloads are expressed using the semantics of an Exascale computing execution model called ParalleX. For comparison, results using conventional execution model semantics are also presented. We find improved load balancing during runtime and automatic parallelism discovery improving efficiency using the advanced semantics for Exascale computing.
arXiv:1109.5190v1 fatcat:ashsmlawhbbglfif4ykcu5vc3q