Stress-Strain Curves of Nafion Membranes in Acid and Salt Forms

Yoshio Kawano, Yanqia Wang, Richard A. Palmer, Steve R. Aubuchon
2002 Polímeros  
Nafion membranes have been studied using dynamic mechanical analysis in the controlled force mode and clamp of tension film measurements for as received commercial Nafion membranes with different solvent contents and with different cations (Li + , Na + , K + , Rb + and Cs + ). In comparison with as-received Nafion membranes, the initial slope of the stress-strain curves decreases with increasing water contents in the Nafion membrane and also with the addition of methanol, ethanol and ethanol/
more » ... anol and ethanol/ water (50/50%, v/v) mixture. The initial slope decreases also with increasing temperatures. On the other hand, the initial slope increases when the cation is replaced, in the following order: Li + , Na + , K + , Cs + and Rb + . Nafion in salt form normally shows an increase in the initial slope from room temperature up to approximately 90 o C, after which the slope decreases with increasing temperatures.
doi:10.1590/s0104-14282002000200008 fatcat:dpvvqxhinzgibcav7i5rmb366q