Effectiveness Of Structured Teaching Programme On Knowledge Regarding Role Of Integrated Counseling And Testing Center (Ictc) In Prevention Of Parent To Child Transmission (Pptct) Of Hiv Among Juniour Health Assistant Female Students In Selected Training Centers At Bengaluru,Karnataka

Jyothi M G, Suvarna B Talwar.
2018 Zenodo  
HIV in pregnancy may result in mother to child transmission. In India mother to child is by far the most significant route of transmission of HIV infection in children below 15years. Without interventions the risks of transmission from infected mother to her child ranges from 15-25% in developed countries, 25-45% in developing countries. Prevention of parent to child transmission can be executed as primary prevention strategies through early testing and referring clients to ICTC during
more » ... CTC during pregnancy or lactation. Secondary preventing strategy is imparting the knowledge to nurses and patients to take many steps during pregnancy, labour, delivery and postnatal period. Junior health assistant females are the one who work in community settings and impart health education. Hence the aim of present study Effectiveness of structured teaching programme on knowledge regarding role of integrated counseling and testing center(ICTC) in prevention of parent to child transmission (PPTCT) of HIV among junior health assistant female students in selected training centers at Bengaluru. Methods: One group pre-test and post-test without a control group using pre-experimental design was used, with purposive sampling technique. Information was collected from 50 junior health assistant female students using structured knowledge questionnaire. STP was implemented and post-test was conducted after 7 days using same questionnaire. Results: The overall pretest knowledge scores of role of ICTC in PPTCT of HIV was found to be 48.5% and the overall post test knowledge score was found to 86.0% and enhancement in the mean percentage knowledge score was found to be significant at 5% level for all the aspects under study. There was a significant association between posttest knowledge scores and selected demographic variables with age ( x2 5.11), marital status (x2 5.94), education (x2 5.09), type of training center ( x2 5.09), father\'s education ( x2 6.27) and mother\'s education ( x2 6.63).Interpretation & Conclusion: Overall findings showed th [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1200172 fatcat:lu4rgdu245dvfk2xykatpjkov4