Secondary polygons in Iceland

Sigurdur Thorarinsson
1969 Journal of Glaciology  
In his le tte r, R . W . Groves ( 1968) m entions secondary polygons within primary ones, discovered by h im on a summit p lateau of a 998 m high p eak in north-wes t I celand. As Mr Groves thinks that this species of patterned ground is " p ossibly hithe rto un d escribed", I wish to point out that I h ave a lread y d escr ibed this ty pe of polygon (Thorarinsson, 1953 ) . I observed these polygo ns in Berufj orc\ur, eas t I cela nd, about 20 m above sea-level, and I la ter o bserved the sa m
more » ... o bserved the sa m e type of polygon in seve ra l other p laces in I celand, both in lowland and high land a reas.
doi:10.1017/s0022143000031324 fatcat:auer3z2k7bbsxffc7ccj45sxre