Design of Optimal Maintenance Policy using Markov Model

2019 International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology  
The availability of the machine is the major consideration of all manufacturing industries. This activity leads to decide productivity of the industry. This research paper explained in detail about the availability analysis of the Timing Belt (V-Belt) manufacturing systems in the rubber industry. The performance of the belt manufacturing systems is analyzed by using the Markovian Birth-Death approach in all conditions of the systems like Raw, Reduced capacity and Repair (RRR). The transition
more » ... . The transition diagram of the belt manufacturing process is drawn by the actual layout of the belt manufacturing process in the rubber industry and then developed the first-order differential and steady-state mathematical equation of the belt manufacturing process in the rubber industry. This approach is most widely used for sequence operation problems and this is the suitable mathematical model for the performance analysis of systems because this model predicts the future sequence of the model with respect to the current sequence model of the process industry. This approach can easily denote the repairable systems of all conditions (RRR). The main goal of this research analysis is to identify the effective subsystem of the belt manufacturing process in the rubber industry by the graphical representation of the changes in the availability and variations of the failure, repair rate of the subsystem of the best manufacturing process in the rubber industry. The variety of the failure rate and repair rate of the systems and the decision matrix of the subsystems is developed by the Markovian Birth-Death approach. The mathematical equations of all subsystems are solved by using MATLAB programming.
doi:10.35940/ijeat.a1068.1291s419 fatcat:b6orah7y5vcmtpmgrtwtgypi6y