A. Y. Bukaros, O. A. Onyshchenko, P. N. Montik, V. L. Malyshev, V. N. Bukaros
2019 Radìoelektronika, Ìnformatika, Upravlìnnâ  
Context. The analysis of existing systems of sensorless control of hermetic compressor electric drives is carried out. The main requirements for control systems of automated electric drives of small refrigerating units' hermetic compressors are determined. The topology of the adaptive Luenberger observer, which allows real-time estimation of the current value of the rotational speed and load torque on the shaft of the hermetic compressor electric motor, is proposed. Objective. The object of the
more » ... . The object of the study is the coordinates observer as a part of control system of the hermetic compressor electric drive. The purpose of the work is to develop a mathematical model of the coordinates observer as a part of control system of the hermetic compressor electric drive. Method. Based on the linearized model of a three-phase induction motor, the Luenberger observer is synthesized by the modal method with the distribution of the roots of the characteristic polynomial according to the standard linear Bessel form. Results. The characteristic polynomial of the observer is obtained and the coefficients of the Luenberger matrix and the mean geometric root of the characteristic polynomial are calculated. To ensure the necessary accuracy the structure of the observer on the basis of the complete mathematical model of a three-phase induction motor executed in the fixed coordinate system is proposed. In the Matlab/Simulink simulation environment an imitation model of the Luenberger observer, which includes a complete mathematical model of the hermetic compressor electric motor in the fixed coordinate system, is constructed. By means of simulation modeling the work of the projected Luenberger observer is studied using the example of the modernized three-phase induction motor of the domestic refrigerator's hermetic compressor. Conclusions. The efficiency of the proposed method for identifying the rotational speed and the load torque of the compressor motor by the adaptive observer based on the calculation of the motor's electromagnetic moment from the measured data of the phase voltage and current sensors is confirmed. The error of the researching observer does not exceed 0.5% at the rotation speed and 10% at the load torque. The obtained structure of the adaptive Luenberger observer makes it possible to build closed control systems for the electric drive of a small refrigerating unit's hermetic compressor.
doi:10.15588/1607-3274-2019-1-21 fatcat:ufyg47k2ujgvnli3ny2ost6twu