Performance Analysis of Thiocarbonohydrazide as a Novel Selective Depressant for Chalcopyrite in Molybdenite-Chalcopyrite Separation

Changping Guan, Zhigang Yin, Sultan Ahmed Khoso, Wei Sun, Yuehua Hu
2018 Minerals  
A novel surfactant, thiocarbonohydrazide (TCH), was synthesized and tested for the first time as a selective chalcopyrite depressant in Cu-Mo separation. Its adsorption mechanisms on chalcopyrite were studied by flotation tests, zeta potential, FTIR, XPS and ToF-SIMS measurements. FTIR and zeta potential analyses suggested that there was a strong chemisorption reaction between TCH and chalcopyrite, resulting in the formation of TCH-copper complexes. XPS and ToF-SIMS measurements further
more » ... d the chemisorption of TCH onto the chalcopyrite surface and showed that this chemisorption reaction is due to its S and N atoms, which form five-membered chelating rings by releasing H ions.
doi:10.3390/min8040142 fatcat:wjhgs4plvnfn3acs3mjc4kwasq