Response properties of neurons in cat dorsal lateral suprasylvian cortex to optic flow fields

Hui Chen, Bing Li, Yun-Cheng Diao
2004 NeuroReport  
Single neurons in the dorsal lateral suprasylvian cortex (DLS) of the cat were tested with large ¢eld optic £ow stimuli simulating translation and spiral motion (including radiation and rotation) in di¡erent directions. Most cells were responsive to both kinds of movement with fairly good direction selectivity. Generally, the responses were better to spiral motion than to translation, and better to radiation than to rotation. Moreover, the direction tuning for spiral was broader than that for
more » ... der than that for planar motion. The dot size in the stimulus patterns had no certain in£uence on the responses and direction preference.These results suggest that DLS might be substantially involved in the detection and analysis of complex optic £ow information, and to some extent, in favor of the radiation component inside. NeuroReport 15:1019^1023 c 2004 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
doi:10.1097/00001756-200404290-00017 pmid:15076726 fatcat:chu4minhwnc3fn4nqfunl3blua