Inhibition of Aspergillus niger DMF 0801 by monoacylglycerols prepared from coconut oil

Z. Řiháková, V. Filip, M. PlockovÁ, J. Šmidrkal, R. Červenková
2011 Czech Journal of Food Sciences  
The objectives of the present study were to test the antifungal properties (inhibition of radial growth, inhibition of the mould spore germination) of lauroylglycerol and mixtures of monoacylglycerols synthesised from coconut oil (MIX-I and MIX-II) against Aspergillus niger DMF 0801. The content of monoacylglycerols in lauroylglycerol, MIX-I and MIX-II was 99.9% (w/w), 97.7% (w/w) and 75,1% (w/w), respectively. The content of 1-lauroylglycerol in MIX-I and MIX-II was calculated from the content
more » ... ed from the content of lauric acid and content of monoacylglycerols. The inhibition of the radial growth of Aspergillus niger DMF 0801 by lauroylglycerol was stronger than that caused by MIX-I and MIX-II. The inhibition effect of spore germination caused by lauroylglycerol and MIX-I was nearly the same. The inhibition of spore germination increased with increasing content of monoacylglycerol and also with increasing 1-lauroylglycerol content in monoacylglycerols. The level of spore germination inhibition was related to the purity of tested substances. The results of this study indicate that monoacylglycerols made from coconut oil have antifungal activity.  
doi:10.17221/3509-cjfs fatcat:emzrxkqvprburh22ewqltbqeni