Veterinary Lieutenant-Colonel James H. B. Hallen, C.I.E., F.R.C.S.E., F.R.C.V.S

W. Owen Williams
1904 Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh  
To give in a very small space anything like an adequate memoir of the late Lieutenant-Colonel Hallen is almost impossible, his life of work was such a long and busy one, extending as it did for over seventy years. Colonel Hallen was the son of an army veterinary surgeon; he qualified as a veterinary surgeon in Edinburgh under the late Professor Dick, and he also graduated in medicine. His life was spent chiefly in India, and he did what few Englishmen managed in those days to do,-he gained the
more » ... omplete confidence of the natives; and of him is said by one of high rank in our army, "a most striking characteristic about him was the great influence he had over the natives of India, owing to his extraordinary charm of manner; they always seemed to feel that they could thoroughly trust him, and that though he was working for the Government, yet he would not require anything from them that was contrary to their own interests. His unfailing patience, good temper, and courtesy, together with his transparent honesty of character, gave him an influence in dealing with natives of every rank, from the highest to the lowest, such as is given to very few Englishmen." The appointment of Colonel Hallen in 1876 as Government Superintendent of Horse Breeding marked a new departure in the policy of the Government of India. Up to that time the efforts of Government had been confined to breeding of remounts required for British cavalry and artillery only in the Bengal Presidency, in some half dozen very costly estabhttps://doi.
doi:10.1017/s0370164600008233 fatcat:auezxs3onzbippuvdwf3grtfpi